Anjos Toyota

Sobre esse Pug / About this Pug
Pai / Father:
Mushu of Excalibur Quest
Mãe / Mother: Anjos Havana
País / Country: Áustria/ Austria 🇦🇹
Propietário / Owner: Sabina Chiesa



                                                                                      CH.IVANWOLD GOOD HUMOR MEN

                                                     tinky winky of excalibur quest

                                                                                       MARGARIDA OF EXCALIBUR QUEST

                   MUSHU OF EXCALIBUR QUEST

                                                                                      ivanwold good humor man

                                                      belle of excalibur quest

                                                                                      syndicate´s spring breaze

  anjos toyota

                                                                                      AM/BRAZ CH IVANWOLD GOOD HUMOR MAN

                                                      braz ch double d cinoblu’s masterpiece

                                                                                      PARSONPRIDE PUFFY

                   ANJOS HAVANA

                                                                                      BRAZ CH IVANWOLD LEGAL LIMIT

                                                      GR.CH – ANJO ENZA

                                                                                       BRAZ CH BANANA VALE DO BALUÍ