Anjos Peugeot

Sobre esse Pug / About this Pug
Pai / Father:
Mushu of Excalibur Quest
Mãe / Mother:
Anjos Gabriela Alenne´s Pugs
País / Country: Noruega / Norway 🇳🇴
Proprietário / Owner: Elisabeth


                                                                                              BRAZ/ AM CH IVANWOLD GOOD HUMOR MAN

                                                DOUBLE D CINOBLU’S MASTERPIECE

                                                                                               PARSONPRIDE PUFFY

                    Anjo´s gabriela alenne´s pugs

                                                                                              SANCASTEL’S SCORPIUS

                                                anjo’s queen

                                                                                              BEBY LOOK

   Anjos Peugeot

                                                                                             CH.IVANWOLD GOOD HUMOR MEN

                                                TINKY WINKY OF EXCALIBUR QUEST

                                                                                               MARGARIDA OF EXCALIBUR QUEST

                    MUSHU OF EXCALIBUR QUEST

                                                                                              ivanwold good humor man

                                                BELLE OF EXCALIBUR QUEST

                                                                                                SYNDICATE´S SPRING BREAZE